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Brea's Creations, a company dedicated to ethnic inspired dolls and accessories, was founded by 11 year old Brea *Bre/Chicken* Green of Compton, California. Noticing her early entrepreneurial spirit and love of dolls and accessories, her mother gifted her Brea's Creations in August of 2019 for her 10th birthday. In her company, and finding inspiration from her own heritage, Brea creates dolls with beautiful natural Afros and Swahili names that offer positive affirmations and encouragement for her customers of all ages. Alongside her dolls, the company also offers unique Ankara pieces and accessories that showcases its stunning culture and proud history. Although the company is happy to put smiles on the faces of a multitude of doll and cultural enthusiasts, it finds its biggest joys from helping those most in need, specifically the Hope 4 the Homeless Ministry at Vision of Hope Christian Center. While continuing to benefit its local community and encouraging others to do the same, Brea's Creations hopes that the future will bring an expansion that will allow them to share their diverse cultures while creating new doll and accessory lovers from every corner of the globe.

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